Celebrating with Old Eggs

23 04 2009

Recently, Ellen and I celebrated our 400th episode of Groove Zone, and we thought it would be fitting to mark the event (and nearly eight years hosting together!) by chowing down on some really old eggs. NASTAY!

Click on the photos to see the big versions.

Okay, so even though thousand-year-eggs look ancient, they aren’t really that old — maybe only a couple weeks or a month at most. And they actually taste pretty great, too. In fact, I’d argue that the taste better than your average, garden variety boiled egg. These darker cousins are a little more flavorful, and don’t dry up your tongue as much. You just need to get over the appearance.

Perhaps the coolest thing about these eggs (aside from the persistent rumor that they are created by soaking them in horse urine), is the crystal “snowflakes” that form in the egg whites during the preservation process. I couldn’t decide if the snowflakes were cooler than Ellen’s nails. I’ll let you be the judge.

To find out more about thousand-year-old eggs (also called 皮蛋 in Chinese), check out the Wikipedia entry “Century Egg.”




2 responses

26 05 2009

That stuff scares me…however my older relatives fricken love it. Ew.

26 05 2009
Antenna Wilde

Effin gross

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