Our Very First “Feast”

2 05 2009

France, Andrew, Ellen and Ah Di. Oh yeah, and our good friend, the pecan pie.

To kick off our brand new radio program, also called Feast Meets West, we thought it would be appropriate to actually create a feast of our own. So we went to Ellen’s house and cooked dinner ourselves. And in the spirit of “passing it on”, I showed Ellen and Frances how to make pecan pie (as taught to me by former RTI program host and amazing baker Amanda Beamish).

In the photo you can see (left to right) Frances, me, Ellen, and Ah Di. Oh yeah, and that’s our good friend the pie (who we later ate). Sorry, pie.

View the entire photo essay on the Chat Room Blog.

Listen by visiting the Radio Taiwan International web page. Click on one of the links next to “Saturday” (in the upper left-hand corner). You can listen to the wonderful Occidental Tourist with Charlie Storrar, and then the Feast begins at about nine minutes into the program.




One response

2 05 2009
Michael Stevenson

Hello Ellen and Andrew (not forgetting Frances and Ah Di, I love the set of photos from the first Feast Meets West, all looks very yummy, no wonder Ah Di wanted to join in, by the way, how did Ah Di get his name?
Ellen must love cats as there appears to be pictures of cats everywhere in her house! I have not had a chance to hear the new program at the moment, will do so on Sunday May 3 and will leave some more comments then! Best wishes to you all and please keep up the feast!
Michael Stevenson, Australia

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