What a Gift for Mother’s Day!

13 05 2009


Ask any woman who has given birth before, and she’ll be able to give you at least one food-related story from her pregnancy. For my friend Motomi, it was an unusual craving that actually hinted at the fact that she might be pregnant. You see, Motomi has been largely vegetarian since before I met her several years ago. Yes, she would have seafood occasionally, but certainly no red meat!

On the day before her pregnancy test, she suddenly had an unusual craving for beef (of all things!), and went out and had teppanyaki. She’s been eating meat since then, and thinks that it was her body’s way of telling her what she needed.

In the May 9th edition of Feast Meets West, we talked with Motomi for our Mother’s Day special. What listeners don’t know is that she gave  birth in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, May 10th. Not a bad mother’s day gift! You can see a picture of the baby after the jump.

Trystyn Fujii Kordula

Trystyn Fujii Kordula (b. Mother's Day, May 10th, 2009), pictured here with dad.




2 responses

14 05 2009
Michael Stevenson

Wow, love the photos, a cute little bubba and a great gal in mumma, how amazing with the birth the day after, perhaps the interview enticed the baby to come out and want to make a comment too!?
Thanks Andrew for the interview and to Motomi for sharing her feelings with us, I am sure she and dad are very proud parents!
Best wishes from down under!
Michael Stevenson

11 07 2009

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