How About Some Tofu in Your Cookie?

22 05 2009

Ellen Tofu CookieWho the poo thinks of things like this? Apparently the folks at Philippe Cafe in Taichung, Taiwan do. And they’ve found a way to do it. I’ve yet to ask them for their secret recipe, but I imagine it would be kind of like trying to pry the list of secret spices from the steel claws of KFC.

So how do they taste? Well I thought they had a kind of earthy, beany, nutty flavor. And Ellen? She thought they had they distinct flavor of… cookie.

If you really want to experience these cookies for yourself, you can pick up a box next time you are in Taichung:

斐麗巴黎廳 Philippe Cafe
9 Guanchien Rd. N. Taichung, Taiwan
TEL: 04-2323-6625




3 responses

22 05 2009
Michael Stevenson

these cookies would be great to try, they sure look nice and a nutty flavor in a cookie is surely not a bad thing! We have Anzac cookies here in Australia which are very popular when celebrating Anzac Day on April 25th however they are eaten all year round, they are large and very tasty featuring oats as well! Yum Yum to all cookie types!!
Best wishes from Australia!
Michael Stevenson

22 05 2009

Love your blog guys… makes me miss Taiwan soooo much!!! Kisses from Spain (in Mallorca at the moment!)

23 05 2009

Thanks Susana! I love all the pix on your blog too… wish I understood more 😉 Hope you are loving Mallorca!!

Michael — have yet to enjoy an Anzac cookie (unless I had one as a primary schooler when we lived there!) I’ll have to try one some day… I’m a cookie man, myself!

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