Hey Sourpuss! Vinegar is good for you!

11 07 2009

vinegar bottle“Sour” is the first of four flavors that people in Taiwan use to describe not just food, but the emotions of life (the other three being: sweet, bitter, and spicy).

“Eating vinegar” (in Mandarin: 吃醋) is synonymous with jealousy, but in my mind, “drinking vinegar” means good health!

In the July 11th edition of Feast Meets West, Ellen and I sample apple vinegar, which is a healthy and refreshing summer drink. After dilluting it with a considerable splash of water (at a ratio of 1:5), it’s ready to drink. I’d suggest adding some ice, too.

So what’s so great about drinking organic fruit vinegar? Find out after the jump!

Here’s what we’ve been told (keeping in mind we are not professional nutritionists!):

1. It supposedly reduces stress and fatigue because it helps metabolize sugar.

2. It’s basic (ie: not acidic), so it keeps the PH balance of your blood in check (that’s particularly important for people who eat a lot of meat and carbs).

3. It contains amino acids, which promote the secretion of digestive juices and (yes!) digestion.

4. It combats the affects of aging on your skin.vinegar label

5. It helps prevent vascular disease and diabetes.

6. It’s a diuretic, which means it can help prevent constipation and the formation of kidney stones.

7. It contains acetic, amino and lactic acids, which can help boost liver functions.

8. It can help kill certain intestinal bacteria.

9. It can help decrease body fat.

Again, we are not nutritionists, but these appear to be some of the widely discussed positive health affects of consuming vinegar (as reported in the Chinese-language press in Taiwan). Don’t overdue it, though, and be sure to dilute it with enough water (five times the amount of vinegar).

So pour yourself a nice cup of dilluted fruit vinegar, and get ready to pucker up!




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29 01 2010
Hey Sourpuss! Vinegar is good for you! | Hear in Taiwan

[…] So what’s so great about drinking organic fruit vinegar? Find out on the Feast Meets West Blog! […]

2 05 2010

Here are the many health benefits of fruit Vinegar…


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