“Ideas worth sharing” from Taiwan

16 10 2009

img_Kevin-PengWhen Taiwanese living overseas think of “home”, they often reminisce about food. For Kevin Peng (pictured at left), who was born in Taiwan but grew up in Malaysia, those foods include oyster omelets, pork balls, and rice vermicelli among other things. Now that he lives in Taiwan, his food memories of Penang, Malaysia  include durians (the stinky fruit shaped like a spiky football) and nasi lemak (coconut rice).

More often than not, those foods are connected to other memories, stories and images of life in another land. Since returning to Taiwan several years ago, Kevin has been interested in learning more about the island of his birth.

img_logoNow, at TEDx Taipei (which will be held on Saturday, October 17th), Kevin and his collaborators Jason Hsu and Eric Tsai will showcase some of the most interesting people and stories from Taiwan. Together, they have curated a day-long event that aims to bring “ideas worth sharing” from Taiwan to the rest of the world.

In the 10/17 edition of Feast Meets West, we talk with Kevin about TEDx Taipei, and how his unique perspective growing up overseas helped him to unearth some of the stories and people featured at this year’s conference. And of course, since Feast Meets West is obsessed with food, we find time in the program to chat about that, too!

To find out more, and to watch the conference live on the internet (in the original Chinese or with an English translation), visit the TEDx Taipei web site. You can also find more about the concept at the official TED web site.




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