Midwinter: an excuse to eat sweet dumplings!

22 12 2009

Has it really come to that? Are we really looking for excuses to eat something? If the answer is yes, then today (Dec. 22, 2009)  is the perfect day for you!

It’s Midwinter (“冬至” or “dongzhi” in Mandarin), and that means everyone has to force him- or herself to eat chewy mounds of glutinous rice packed with velvety black sesame paste, bobbing in piping hot bowls of sweet red bean soup. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, then read no further. I’m happy to bear the burden for you!

Midwinter is also known as the “winter solstice” — it’s one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar year as noted in the Chinese almanac (the “黃曆” or “huang li”).  It’s significant in the northern hemisphere because it has the fewest daylight hours of any day in the year. (A big “g’day” to those of you in the southern hemisphere who are celebrating the summer solstice today!)

Anyway, enough of that. Back to the food. Today, people in Taipei will be lining up to get a bowl of the glutinous rice dumplings (known as “湯圓” or “tangyuan” in Mandarin). That’s because the characters (literally “soup rounds”) sound like the Mandarin word for “togetherness” (“團圓” or “tuanyuan”). So don’t eat those dumplings alone, bring along your friends and family, and celebrate the imminent conclusion of the year 2009!

Have a listen to our Midwinter dumpling fest in the Saturday (12/19) edition of Feast Meets West! You’ll find the audio link for Saturday’s Feast Meets West by looking for “On Demand” on our web page.

And just in case you want to fight with the crowds today, here’s the address:

Tai Yi Milk King 臺一牛奶大王
No. 82, Hsinsheng South Rd. Sec. 3, Taipei
台北市新生南路三段82號 / (02) 2362-3172




4 responses

22 12 2009

I’m sending this link to all of my curious US peeps. Such quality writing and delicious story telling. I heart Feast Meets West!

24 12 2009

Thanks, Sarah! Your vote of confidence is as sweet and reassuring as the velvety black sesame paste inside my favorite dumplings 😉

29 12 2009
Sarah's Mom

You make it sound so yummy that I think I must return in the winter solstice for my own helping of black sesame dumplings. What a fun website!

5 01 2010

Thanks! When you come back, your glutionous dumplings are on me! (Not on me, per se, but I will treat!)

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