Dish 01: Russian Pirozhki

2 01 2010

What have I gotten myself into? I’ve just started a new series called “52 Dishes: A Year in the Kitchen,” and that means I need to find 52 different people to each teach me how to make a dish — one dish every week for a year. Yeah, sure, I know 52 people, but I don’t think the mailman is going to want to cook me dinner. Fortunately I found the perfect person with the perfect dish, and she agreed to help us launch our new series.

Listen: Dish 01: Pirozhki

Bake: the Epicurious version

Masha Ostasheva, a program host from RTI’s Russian service, invited me into her Taipei kitchen where she showed me how to make “pirozhki”, a savory Russian treat, using a recipe passed down to her from her great-grandmother in Moscow. She says she often makes the (dare I call them) “dumplings” at Christmastime, a holiday that I was happy to discover is celebrated on January 7th in Russia.




5 responses

17 01 2010

Great start to the series, Andrew!

23 01 2010

Thanks, Anne! I’ve produced and broadcast 4 already, but I’m a bit sluggish in getting them up on the web…

16 02 2010

I will try these pirozhkis! They sound great! Happy Lunar New Year! Enjoy the show!

26 04 2010

very cool!! looking forward to seeing the other 51! will you be also including the recipes?

15 05 2010
Dish 01: Russian Pirozhki | Hear in Taiwan

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