Land’s End

13 01 2011

The southernmost point marker points to the cloudy sky.

At the very southern tip of the island of Taiwan you’ll find an unusual statue pointing heavenward as though making a complaint about the ominous clouds gathering overhead. From a distance it looks like some sort of solar clock, or a pagan marker in a ritual to mark a celestial occurrence.

Flocks of Chinese tourists have come to see this southernmost tip of Taiwan and it occurs to me that they must view this spot as being one of the farthest reaches of their country. Two Japanese tourists are also there taking photos, and I can’t help but muse at how at one point in history, this place would have meant the same thing for them, too.

For me, there’s something romantic about the idea of traveling to “land’s end” that has nothing to do with nationality. Peering off into the ocean, you can’t help but feel that if you go far enough into the distance, you – and the boat you road in on – will fall off the edge of the planet.





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