rice_andrewChomp, chomp… gulp! (politely muffled burp).

Yes, I do love to stuff my face now and then! But I often crave more than just the flavors and textures of the food. For me, breaking bread is more about the communal nature of the eating experience, the immutable sense of place conveyed by certain foods, and the desire to feed more than just my belly.

Discovering new flavors, and the people and places that give life to them, has become a mission of sorts over the last 10 years I’ve lived in Asia. And now, I’d like to pass that along to you. So let the feasting begin! Just try not to lick your computer screen.

Oh yeah, and who am I?

Philosophical answers aside, my name is Andrew Ryan (阮安祖), and I host a little program at Radio Taiwan International called “Feast Meets West” with Ellen Chu (曲艾玲). On May 2, 2009. After eight years and more than 400 episodes of our previous show, “Groove Zone”, we decided to take a decidedly tastier approach to introducing the culture and people of Taiwan in “Feast Meets West.” The program, much like this blog, will be a place for sharing our thoughts, memories, and passion for food with other people around the world.

When not eating, traveling and radio-ing, you can find me hunting for sounds, reading a book in a café, traveling, singing karaoke, or… um… sleeping. Although hopefully you won’t just FIND me sleeping somewhere. If you do, please wake me up. Thanks.

Email me with suggestions, questions or (God forbid) complaints: taiwandroo (at) hotmail dot com.


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25 08 2009

may i be so impolite as to ask why you live in Taiwan? Just curious. Interesting blog, despite the fact that I live in Chicago, IL.

26 08 2009

I originally came here to study Chinese, but I’ve loved living here and ended up staying here for more than 10 years. I hope that some of the topics on my site can resonate with people in other countries, so I’m glad that you find it interesting. Thanks for dropping by!

ps. I used to live in Chicago — went to university there. Great city!

21 09 2009

I am so happy I stumbled across your blog! The biggest thing I miss about Taiwan is its food, from night market treats and fresh pastries to dumplings and sticky rice. My boyfriend and I both big foodies and I’ve been slowly introducing him to Taiwanese cuisine. I really hope he gets to go back with me sometime to try the real stuff first hand.

I look forward to more of your updates!

22 09 2009

Hi Janie, thanks for visiting! I’m a huge fan of Taiwanese food, so it’s not hard to get inspired. Admittedly, I’ve been slow about posting, but hope to fill in some of the sections in the near future. Check back soon!

26 08 2010
Alexandra Mayer

Hi Andrew !

Unfortunatly I don’t know your radio program because I live in Singapore. However, I really enjoyed your blog !

My name is Alexandra, and I manage a 2.0 portal on weekends in South East Asia travel : http://weekend.com.sg/

Don’t worry I’m not a commercial company !
But I’m glad to announce you that your blog has been selected to be listed on Weekend.com.sg – which means that you will get visibility on the web through weekend.com.sg as well !

What do you think about it ? e-mail me if you want to know more, it would be a pleisure for me to host you in our South East Asia portal !

And now I’m hungry …

Alex Mayer

27 03 2011
Eugene Tsai

Hi, I saw the tv program about the sound postcard which you made. I am wondering the protable recording system that you use to record sounds. Could I ask what kind of protable recording system which you use? Thanks.

17 06 2012
Todd Katschke

Hello Andrew! Always good to see a Northwestern face on the net. Your piece for CNNGo was great. I hope we can break baudz together someday! I miss the flavors of Taiwan, and I’m glad you’re sharing them with the world.

12 03 2014

Andrew! Nice work in Taipei! Now I know who to ask about where to eat when I visit. I wish you the best!

19 04 2014

Thanks for your inspiring program to Taiwanese people. I believe Taiwanese should be proud of their unique culture, integrity and friendliness. Linda

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